Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Sell your Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch
Front glass of the device cracked or chipped?

The device must be free of cracks or chips in the screen. If you can put your nail in it, it is a crack.
Is there LCD discoloration (pink tint, white spots, dead pixels, gray bars) and/or the touch screen is not working (check by navigating and swiping)?

Adjust screen to brightest setting. Go to “reset” screen or open new “note” (a white screen). Look for pink tint, gray bars, white spots, dead pixels anywhere on the screen. Open another app. Make sure the touch screen is working in all areas of screen.
Fully functional (buttons, headphone jack, camera, etc)?

The device must have fully functioning buttons, headphone jack, wifi, and no other defects.
Powers on and stays on when NOT connected to a charger?

Device must power on and stay on when not connected to an external power source
Is the back or frame of the device missing, cracked or dented?

The device must be intact. The device must also be free of dents, cracks, or other physical damage. If you can put your nail in it, it is a crack.
Has the password been removed?

The password must be removed from the device.
Screen scratched?

The device must be completely free of scratching on the glass.
Engraved on the back?

Engraving includes any permanent personalization to the device.
Find My iPad deactivated?

Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off Find My iPad. The customers Apple ID and password will be required.