Verizon iPhone Imminent!

Verizonthis afternoon sent to a select group of press an invite for an event in New York City on Tuesday, January 11, days after the2011 Consumer Electronics Showcomes to a close.TheWall Street Journalconfidently reports Verizon will be announcing the launch of iPhone on its network.

It is unclear when the iPhone will be first available to Verizon subscribers. There is some speculation it may be as early as February 2011.

This announcement will drive millions to trade-in and trade-up to the new Verizon iPhone. For AT&T subscribers with an existing iPhone, there will be attractive opportunities to sell your iPhone to NextWorth and receive top values. However based on past experience with major iPhone product releases, the consumers that sell their iPhone early get the best trade-in values for their used phone.

NextWorth will keep you up-to-date on the strategy to lock-in thebest trade-in value for your used iPhone, Droid and other mobile phones as more information on the launch becomes available.So stay tuned!