Speculation is Verizon's iPhone offering will be differentiated in two ways:
  1. Using the CDMA network.
  2. Offering an unlimited data plan. (According to asecondWSJreport this weekend.)
The CDMA network is already considered by many to be superior to AT&T's solution. AT&T has suffered from consumer disastisfaction with its network since it's introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

However, Verizon's additional incentive of anunlimited data plancould be just the catalyst to entice millions of iPhone users to switch from AT&T to Verizon.Prior toJune 2010, AT&T offered an unlimited data plan for $30. Since that time, all newAT&T subscribers are offered a 200MB or 2GB dataplanwith high penalties forexceeding the data limits.

It is unclear whether Verizon’s unlimited data plan will be available only for a “limited” time to those subscribers upgrading to the new iPhone. Industry experts have indicated that over the long term, there is a business need for a pricing structure that charges for different levels of data usage.

Are you an AT&T iPhone user? Will a Verizon unlimited data plan encourage you to switch? Let us know your plans!