Top Reasons You’ll Need to Trade-In Your Smartphone This Summer

Summer is always a fun time of year. When it comes to your smartphone, however, it can be the most dangerous time of year! Being out in the heat and spending time around water can be hazardous to the life of your phone. brokeniphone Luckily, NextWorth understands this and allows you to trade those phones that were casualties of summer fun. Here are some reasons you might need to trade-in your phone this summer:

  1. It fell into the water. You may have enjoyed hanging by the pool or catching some waves, but your phone wasn’t having as much fun with the water. It might be time to trade it in and get something a little drier.
  2. It got scratched by sand. That game of beach volleyball was great exercise, but your game-winning play didn’t end up so well for your phone’s glass screen. NextWorth will accept your scratched phone.
  3. It was danced on at a music festival. Things got a little crazy when your favorite band took the stage. Your dance moves may have impressed your friends, but you accidentally stepped on your phone in the process. NextWorth has you covered.
  4. It got a little too close to the campfire. Sitting close to the fire is great for making s’mores and warming up on a cool summer night, but your phone overheated and won’t turn on. Time for a trade-in.
  5. It fell off your favorite rollercoaster. The ride took an upside-down turn and your phone went flying. You were able to find the phone but the big crack in it makes it pretty much useless to you. will give you a fair quote. There are all sorts of things that can happen to your phone during the summer.
All you need to know is that NextWorth has you covered. Have a fun summer!