Tech-Focused Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Millions gathered around their TVs last night to watch the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos battle it out to hoist the Lombardi trophy as Super Bowl XLVIII champions! Seattle took home that honor in a game that was nearly a blow out. If you’re a Denver fan (or not a football fan at all) you probably kept your attention to the Super Bowl commercials rather than the big game—us too! We were thrilled to see commercials that featured our favorite brands and tech devices. Take a look at some of the best tech-worthy Super Bowl commercials: T-Mobile – No Contract Tim Tebow helped T-Mobile showcase that it’s better to be without a contract. Without a contract, Tim Tebow has delivered a baby, tackled the unknown, and accomplished so much. He says, “contracts hold you back” that being said, switch to T-Mobile and they will buy you out of your current wireless contract. Doritos Time Machine In this fan created commercial, Mr. Smith is convinced by a little kid named Jimmy to use his time machine that’s powered by Doritos. As Jimmy is snacking on Mr. Smith’s Doritos, Mr. Smith believes he’s actually transported into the future! Beats Music — Ellen DeGeneres Cameo Ellen DeGeneres is searching for the perfect music to dance to in this alternative version of “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.” Papa Bear’s music was too fast and Mama Bear’s music was too slow. However, by using the Beats Music app she found the perfect pop music to dance to in a bear’s den. Squarespace — A Better Website From memes, the duck face, and being pressured to ‘Like’ everything, the web sure has changed. The commercial sums it up as, “we can’t change what the web has become, but we can change what it will be.” Squarespace believes a better web starts with your website. Sonos — Fill Your Home with Music Use any of your favorite music playing apps to play classical music, hip hop, indie, and everything in between. Sonos wants to fill your home with music using a wireless HiFi system. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial of the night—tech-focused or otherwise? Please share in the comments below!