Relationship Etiquette for the Technology-Obsessed

Be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, or television, being too attached to technology can make us disconnected from people. But when used effectively, it can do just the opposite! Follow our etiquette rules for using technology while in a relationship. [caption id="attachment_2724" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Image via"][/caption] Don’t Check Your Phone During Date Night Whether you’re out to dinner, seeing a movie, or just hanging out, being too connected to your technology will make your partner think you’re disinterested in spending time with them. They are worth more than your Facebook status. Evaluate the Need to Lock Your Device If your partner questions why you have locked-down your device, explain your intentions. If the answer is, “to keep you out of it,” you should be reevaluating your relationship or your actions. Try Out Apps To Bring You Closer In both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store, there are a number of apps that can be used to better the relationship between you and your partner. Check out the apps, “Avocado” or  “Fix A Fight” to use technology to bring you and your partner closer. Don’t Surf Social Media We all do it—you pull up Facebook or your favorite news source and get lost. But if doing this evokes a constant stream of “uh-huhs” and “mm-hmms,” you aren’t connecting to conversation. Know the right and wrong times to use your devices. Just remember, technology won’t replace human interaction. Everyone loves a nice shout-out on social media, but never forget to show appreciation in the real world. A hug, a kiss, or hearing the words ‘thank you’ will always be better than words on a screen. Always let the ones closest to you know how much they mean to you. Sometimes the best thing to do is to put your devices down and appreciate the time spent with a loved one. If used effectively, technology doesn’t have to be a hindrance on your friendships, relationships, or professional connections. The most responsible thing you can do with your technology; however, is to recycle it when you’re ready to upgrade. Visit for a 30-day Price-lock buy-back quote on your device and upgrade to the newest, coolest gadgets on the market.