iPhone 4 - Differences Between AT&&T and Verizon

iPhone 4 Antenna comparisonAT&T on left and Verizon on right

The differences between the iPhone 4 offered by AT&T and Verizon are very subtle.It is obvious that Apple did this on purpose.

From our analysis of the industry available data it appears the following holds true:
  1. Both phones have the same dimensions.
  2. The Verizon Phone can create a WiFi network for up to 5 devices. While unconfirmed thisseems to be available for only the iPhone 4 32GB.
  3. Different antennas. The antenna gap has moved on the side of the device, above the muteswitch, while the bottom antenna gap remains in the same place. This should help reducethe “grip of death” syndrome that the AT&T iPhone 4 experienced.
Another major consideration to take into account when selecting between the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 is the cost of the data plans offered by the two carriers.
  1. AT&T offers two $15 for 200MB; $25 for 2GB; $45 for 2GB plus tethering
  2. Verizon offers based on current data plans for other smartphones: $15 for 150MB; $29.99 for unlimited; $49.99 for unlimited with tethering.
One last thing to think about is when selecting between the two carriers which iPhone will offer the best trade-in value at the end of two years. History shows the Apple iPhones retains its value better than other smartphones. However the Verizon phone with its CDMA antenna can not be as easily resold for use in many other US or international markets. Most international markets currently use GSM vs CDMA technology. Therefore, at the end of 2Previewyears, an AT&T iPhone 4 may have a slightly higher value.

So its time to Trade-in and Save Big. Don't wait and miss out on the highest trade-in values now being offered. If you wait, you will miss these great values.

Posted by Robert Wesley