Just for DAD on His Special Day

So you've decided to buy dad a new phone for Father’s day; what a great gift! While Dads are notorious for loving the latest and greatest technology and gadgets, they’re also known for hanging on to the old versions for too long and using the “someday this will be worth something” excuse. Well it’s time to tell Dad that his old phone IS worth something, TODAY! fathers day 2014 Here are 5 reasons your Dad should trade-in his old phone including a special promo code from NextWorth to sweeten the deal. 1. He can use the money he got from his old phone to get a Father’s Day gift for himself (We’re guessing it’s something golf related) 2. He will make Mom happy by de-cluttering the junk drawer 3. The check he gets from NextWorth might help your case to get an increase in allowance or gas money 4. Dad can feel good that he’s not contributing to e-waste, and you thought your Dad wasn’t green 5. NextWorth.com is offering an extra 15% bonus on all trade-ins between Friday, June 13-Sunday, June 15 with the promo code: FATHERSDAY Buy Dad that new phone and convince him to trade in his old one (or two or three) and he will be excited to have a big check sent his way and you will get bonus points for helping Dad find more money.