CES 2014: Top Tech Announced

The Consumer Electronics Show took Las Vegas by storm last week with tech companies from across the globe showcasing their latest innovations. From robots, wearable tech, curved screens, to the Internet of things, booths showcased must-have tech items. [caption id="attachment_2678" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Image via http://gadgets.ndtv.com/"][/caption] Take a look at some of the key tech announced at CES 2014:

  • More Smartphones: Sony announced the Xperia Z1S which will be available in the U.S. through T-Mobile starting January 22. NDTV Gadgets compiled a roundup of other smartphones announced at CES.
  • Intuitive Products: Intel has vowed to “make everything smart” launching a myriad of Intel Smart devices at the show, including a smartwatch, smart ear buds, smart headset, and smart wireless charging bowl.
  • Three Dimensional Tech: Forget 3D printers, you need a 3D drawing pen! According to the 3Doodler website, “as 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure.”
  • Smart TVs: Samsung showcased a 105-inch and 85-inch curved Ultra HD TVs with 4K resolution. The 85-inch version is versatile and can move from curved to flat with the press of a button.
  • Drones and AI: Parrot debuted MiniDrone, a small flying quadcopter controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Keecker announced an Android-based robot that can a project a 1280x800-pixel resolution on the wall.
  • Car Tech: Ford took reusable energy to the next level with the Ford C-MAX Solar Energi, a sun-powered hybrid car. The vehicle features a roof-mounted solar panel that collects energy for power.
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