5 Things to Consider When Trading In Your Smartphone

Everyone wants to know how to get the most value out of their old smartphone. We’ve come up with 5 things to consider when you are trading-in to make sure you are getting the most for your device and for your time. trade-in phones Your Time is Valuable You can get a quick and accurate quote whether you choose to trade in online or in-store.  Online trade-in programs allow you to trade-in anywhere at any time, and provide you with a free shipping label. You will still need to package it and ship it, but it will all be worth it when you receive a sizable check or PayPal distribution. In-store trade-in programs collect your old device right there and take care of the shipping logistics, which makes your life pretty easy.  Both are great options; just figure out which best fits your lifestyle. Get the Most Bang for your Buck Always look to see if there are any trade-in promotions to get the most for your device. Trade-in providers often run promotions around the launch of a new phone helping consumers upgrade to the new model.  That’s usually the perfect time to dig out your old devices and take advantage of the special trade-in rates. Is Cash King? If you are trading-in online you are most likely receiving a check for the value of your device. While cash is always great, in-store trade-in programs will sometimes offer more for your device in the form of a gift card, instant credit or coupon. If you frequent a store that has a trade-in program, it might be in your best interest to forgo the online trade and get a gift card. Keep Your Private Life Private It’s important to ensure that any information on the device you’re trading in will be completely erased. Make sure you trade in through a reputable service that will take all necessary steps to completely remove your personal data. Ask the store associate or read up online about the security measures the trade-in provider takes to make sure your data is safe. Use a Trustworthy Company This might sound like an obvious tip, but now that trade-in has become incredibly popular, there are all sorts of online and in-store programs popping up. To make sure you are trading in with a reputable provider, try searching the company’s background, reviews, and history.  You can check to see if the business you’re using is a member of the Better Business Bureau or read reviews on sites like www.resellerratings.com. We hope these tips help you become a master of trade-in!