When Buying a Smartphone Think of the "NEXT Purchase"! May 10, 2011 | NextWorth

One in two Americans will have a smartphone by Christmas of that year, Nielsen forecasts, compared to just one in 10 in the summer of 2008. So chances are if you do not have a Smartphone now, you will be trading in your feature phone and purchasing a new Smartphone in the next several months.

Smartphones before the carrier’s subsidy have a manufacturers retail sales price between $499 and $699.  Fortunately most consumers pay less than $200 for the latest and greatest smartphone. However, as soon as new model is released the older models start loosing value. If you are careful in your purchase of your next smartphone you will be able to offset the purchase of new Smarphone with the trade-in value of your used model in two years when your contract comes up.

When selecting the right Smartphone, one needs to consider which phone will best retain it's resell value over time. To help consumers, we have developed the " NextWorth Trade-in Value Index". This index shows the current NextWorth trade-in value as a percentage of the original retail value. The average retail sales price ranges between $499 and $699 for a new smartphone.  In our index we have included smartphones that were introduced over the past year. We have not included models introduced in the past months except for the iPhone 4 Verizon model. 

The iPhone 4 32GB and 16GB top the NextWorth index. Both phones can currently be sold for over 60% of their retail value. That’s good news for AT&T iPhone subscribers. The Verizon iPhone 4 has a much lower index value because the Verizon model can only be refurbished and sold to a subscriber who belongs to a limited CDMA carrier network. A refurbished AT&T iPhone 4 can be reused in many GSM carrier networks around the world.

Most Popular Video Game Trade-ins Apr 12, 2011 | NextWorth

The Top Twenty-Five most sought after video game trade-ins are shown in the table below.  Call of Duty Black Ops (XBOX 360) tops the charts  for the past couple of weeks. Killzone 3 (XBOX 360) and Bullet Storm (XBOX 360) are recent additions to the top 25 list. New Super Mario Bros and  Super Mario Galaxy continue to be most popular Nintendo Wii platform trade-in video games. Overall it appear that purchasers of the Call of Duty video game series tend to trade-in and trade-up the most often. NextWorth continues to offer top value for video games. Trade-in online or at a nearby Target store. 

Most Popular Video Game Trade-ins
As of April 11, 2011

Is the AT&&T and T-Mobile Merger Good for Consumers? Mar 24, 2011 | NextWorth

AT&T announce plans to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion on Monday. This acquisition will make AT&T the largest network in the US with over 130 million subscribers. So is this a good development for wireless subscribers?

For AT&T subscribers, the acquisition may be the solution to making the AT&T network more reliable. T-Mobile subscribers will benefit from access to a more sophisticated network and handsets. For the first time they will have access to the iPhone.

However the real question is what will happen to the costs? With access to the iPhone and the more sophisticated Droid smartphones T-Mobile subscribers' cost of upgrading will decline. Subscribers will be able to own handsets with a higher trade in value. It is estimated the trade-in value index of a iPhone is between 45% to 60% of the original trade-in value.

The real question is what will happen to wireless calling and data rates? T-Mobile has been the lowest price wireless plan option in the market to-date. Some experts feel that T-Mobile has helped drive AT&T and Verizon mobile phone plans down. AT&T claims the wireless market is today and will continue to be a fiercely competitive market. However, consumer watchdogs are concerned that there will be a virtual duopoly with this merger. Verizon will be and only long-term competitor and Sprint's long term viability is in question.

It is unlikely T-Mobile subscribers will be subject to higher wireless charges. First the acquisition will take some time to complete before any subscriber plans can change. There is also speculation T-Mobile subscriber's plans will have to be grandfathered to prevent mass defection plus regulator approval for the merger.

One thing is clear, Verizon will have to develop a new a new marketing plan to respond to the "more reliable AT&T network".


Starting Friday, March 11th you can visit over 850 stores nationwide and trade-in and trade-up to the new iPad2. Bring in your used working 1st generation iPad to over 850 Target stores or J&&&R Music and Computer store in downtown, New York and you can receive instant credit which can be applied to purchase a new iPad2. Upgrading has never become more affordable, fast and convenient. To find a Target store near your go to our store locator.

When you go to trade-in you will receive a cash BONUS if you bring in your original product box. Hurry trade-in values will not stay at these top values for long.


On Friday March 11th, consumers will be able to trade-in and trade-up to the new iPad. Some consumers have already prepared to subsidized their upgrade by locking in fantastic trade-in values. As predictied the trade-in value of iPads are falling. According to the NextWorth TIV index for tablets, iPad is the only trade-in product that has seen a price decline over the past few days.

Prices could continue to decline as the old iPad's begin to flood the market. However, you can still subsidize as much as 50% of your purchase with you used Tablet.

So here are some tips if you are thinking about trading in your iPad:
1. Do not wait. Trade-in values will most likely continue to decline.
2. Protect your trade-in when you are shipping it. If you have it, use the original product box to ship your item. It will protect the device from being damaged during shipping.
3. For convenience trade-in and trade-up at the store. Target will be offering in-store trade-in starting on March 11th. Simply go to the Target Mobile Kiosk. Now there are over 850 stores
accepting trade-in and growing.