Gadget Trade-in Tips Series: Part 4, Trade In-Store Nov 01, 2011 | NextWorth

Our trade-in tips series is back! So far, we’ve talked to you about being honest with your evaluation, protecting your device and removing sensitive data. As you probably know, with NextWorth, you can get quote online, send us your gadgets, and receive a check in the mail. However, did you know you can also do this in-store? That’s where today’s tip comes in: Today’s Tip: Consider trading in-store Trading your device in at a physical retail location offers some advantages over online, including the receipt of a firm quote for your device and immediate gratification in the form of on-site payment. It also saves you the time of packing and shipping your device.

trading in cell phone

We’ve partnered with Target to make the in-store experience as convenient as possible. Currently, we offer trade-ins at 1,490 stores nationwide. Just take your device to the Mobile Kiosk and get rewarded with a Target gift card on the spot to be used for an upgrade…or anything else at Target. From now until November 5 (this coming Saturday), Target is guaranteeing you $200 for your iPhone 4! As long as you don’t have major cracks, scratches or dents, you can get $200—which is enough for a free upgrade to the iPhone 4S! Still have a 3G? No problem – we’re guaranteeing $125 for those and even $75 for 3G. Have you ever traded in-store? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment!

How to Ensure Your Information is Safe! Oct 27, 2011 | NextWorth

Living in the technological age, it’s more important than ever to back up your data on both your laptop and smartphone. As both of these devices continue to play a role in our daily lives, we may take their capabilities for granted. Remember, though, that devices can die without warning, and it’s important to ensure your data is safe! Below, we share some of the ways we recommend that you back up your laptop and smartphone, just in case. data backup For your laptop: Your laptop is a vital tool, and may contain more than just personal information. For both work and personal use, it’s important to back up everything on your laptop – frequently! There are a couple different ways to ensure your data is safe.

  • An external hard drive: This is a hard drive that you can plug into your computer (via FireWire or USB) and backup the entire contents of your computer. If you only want to backup certain folders or elements from your computer, you can drag and drop them into your external hard drive. Our tip when using an external hard drive? Remember that you have to plug it in and tell it to perform a backup, so make sure you have a plan as to how often you will sit down and back up your data!
  • A cloud storage system: There are many different services online that allow you to back up the data on your computer. These can range from free to paid services and in all different sizes of allowed data. Before using these services, make sure you read product reviews from other customers.
  For your smartphone: Not all phones have SIM cards, so unfortunately many phones only save data directly to the phone itself. It’s a scary world out there for smartphones, because something as small as a few drops of rain or a fall to the floor can render your phone unusable. To ensure that all of your data is safe, we recommend checking in with your software provider to see what backup options they offer.
  • If you have an iPhone or a BlackBerry, you’re in luck! Both of these providers have desktop software (iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Manager, respectively) which allow users to backup their smartphone data onto a computer via a USB cable. Be forewarned though: while iPhones will back up your photos, BlackBerry does not. To ensure you don’t lose your photos, save them to an SD card rather than your phone.
  • At this time, Android doesn’t provide backup software. Rather, they store information in the cloud, where it can be pushed back to your phone if necessary. To ensure that your data is backed up, pros suggest using My Backup Pro.
  These are our suggestions on how to keep your documents, photos, and other information safe. What do you do to back up your data? Leave us a comment below and let us know what method you use to backup your devices!

Gadget Trade-in Tips Series: Part 3, Sensitive Data Oct 25, 2011 | NextWorth

When you buy a new phone, it’s always good to keep your “next purchase” in mind. Because the truth is, as much as you love the phone you have now, one day it too will become old an outdated and you’ll want the newest, coolest phone on the market. That’s why we recommend protecting your device with a case and screen protector. By protecting your device, you’ll be less likely to have scratches, dents or cracks, which will lead to a higher quote for your trade. Once you've got that quote locked-in (we offer 21 days), it’s time to prep your device for trade. Today’s Tip: Remove Sensitive Information from your devicesensitive info Before you trade in your device it is always a good idea to remove any personal data. At NextWorth we always ensure that personal data has been removed from devices before reselling them, but it never hurts to do it at home. To learn more about clearing personal data, check out this blog post we wrote in September: How To: Erase Data from Your Smartphone. Do note, though, that you get to keep your SIM card – so make sure you remove it from your device before you send it to us. Are you thinking of trading in your device? Have questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them!

iPhone 4S Surpasses Expectations… And Now You Want One Oct 20, 2011 | NextWorth

When the iPhone 4 S was first announced just over two weeks ago, reactions were not all positive. Since it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that everyone had anticipated, many people were quick to judge. However, after the new features were actually tested (when the iPhone 4S was finally release on Friday), it looks as though many of those same people are changing their minds.

iPhone 4S

We ran a quick poll on our Facebook Page to see what our fans thought about the iPhone 4S. Some of their favorite features included the new notification system, the enhanced camera, and of course, Siri. Our fans weren’t the only ones that thought these features were awesome. According to a survey by Loopt, 45% of people think the coolest thing about the iPhone 4S is Siri, followed closely by 22% who love the new camera. If just thinking the features are amazing isn’t enough, iPhone 4S preorders sold out in just 24 hours—and the phone (less than a week after being released) is on back order. However, we realize that it might have taken you a little bit to warm up to the idea of the iPhone 4S—and there’s nothing wrong with that. So if you’re just coming around to the idea of trading up, we’re here to help. Thru Monday, October 24, we’re guaranteeing $200 for iPhone 4! (The must be free of major dents, scratches or cracks.) That $200 is enough to give you a FREE upgrade!

$200 for iPhone 4

Even if your iPhone 4S is on backorder, you can lock-in this $200 price for twenty-one days. Just postmark your phone by the twenty-first day and you’re guaranteed that price. What are you waiting for? Lock-in your price now!

Gadget Trade-in Tips Series: Part 2, Protect Oct 18, 2011 | NextWorth

Welcome to the second installment of our blog series about trading in your old or unused electronics! Last time we suggested honesty as the best way to ensure you’re not disappointed with your trade in value. For most of us, honesty is the best policy anyway, so we need to know how we can ensure our device is in good shape when trade in time rolls around. So, today’s tip: Protect your deviceiPhone cases The best way to ensure you will get top dollar for your next trade-in is to take great care of your device while you own it. It is impossible to avoid some natural wear and tear—and we know that. However, things like cases and screen guards can help protect against dents, scratches and cracks. Keeping good care of your gadgets will maximize their value when it comes time to resell them. There are tons of cool cases out there that allow you to personalize your phone—whether it be by supporting your favorite sports team, showing off your favorite art or just standing out from the crowd. Grab your favorite to show your personal style and protect your device at the same time! Tip three in our series is coming next week—be sure to check back for it! How do you protect your devices? Do you have a favorite case or cover?