Get in on our Holiday iPod Trade In Promotion Nov 17, 2011 | NextWorth

Black Friday is less than a week away, which means that holiday shopping is in full-swing! If you’re like most people, you’re probably wishing you had a little extra cash to put toward your holiday gift-buying. The truth is that you probably do, and don’t even realize it. Look in your drawers, closets and under the couch—did you find an iPod (or two or three)? Those music-playing devices are more valuable than you think. Based on Apple sales data, product release dates and current resale values, we’ve estimated there is over $5.3 billion in iPod resale value floating around out there.

trade in iPod

So to help you ease that holiday shopping burden, we’re offering a 10% trade-in bonus on all iPod trades between now and the end of the year! Simply calculate the value of your iPod and enter the code “ELF” at checkout to get your bonus. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Is an iPad 2 on your list? Watch this video for your chance to win one!

Win an iPad 2 via NextWorth and SoldierKnowsBest! Nov 15, 2011 | NextWorth

With the holidays right around the corner, what’s better than a giveaway? YouTuber SoldierKnowsBest agrees with us! In conjunction with him, we’re sponsoring the giveaway of an iPad 2 on his YouTube channel. Check out Soldier’s video to find out how you can win: [embed video] The contest is only open until November 20, so go enter today!

The Hottest Video Games for Your Holiday Wish List Nov 10, 2011 | NextWorth

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re sharing the hottest video game releases to request from Santa this year. For a video game fanatic, these selections will come as no surprise (That’s why we called them the hottest releases!). The pre-release hype and post-release bragging have played a part in earning these games a spot on our hottest games list. Without further ado: our selections.

 just dance 3

Just Dance 3 (Released October 7, 2011) Earning a respectable 8.5 from IGN and a 7.5 from the press, Just Dance 3 welcomes 40 new songs to the Just Dance family. With popular selections ranging from “Party Rock Anthem” and “Forget You” to the more classic favorites like Kiss’ “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” there’s a song that’s right for the whole family! Rated E10+ (Everybody ages 10+), this is a great game for family fun nights.

  arkham city

Batman: Arkham City (Released October 18, 2011) Arkham City is a sequel to Arkham Asylum. Set just six months after the Asylum madness, Batman: Arkham City, sends players into Arkham City, the new maximum security home for all of Gotham City's “thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.” From there, Batman encounters the crazy villains and classic characters from days past. Rated T for Teen, IGN gives Batman: Arkham City a 9.5 and the press gives it a 9.4.

 Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 (Released October 25, 2011) Earning a solid 9 from both IGN and the press, players in Battlefield 3 act as U.S. Marines battling around the world. With multiplayer and single player gameplay options, players can explore locations in the United States, Middle East, and Europe. Also new in BF3 (according to is "Battlelog"; a free cross-platform social service with built-in text messaging, voice communications, game statistics, and the ability to join games that friends are already playing (though both players need to be on the same platform). Rated M for Mature due to violence, blood, and strong language, this game isn’t for the faint of heart.

 call of duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Released November 8, 2011) Garnering another solid 9 from both IGN and the press is MW3. Set to directly follow its predecessor Modern Warfare 2, MW3 offers campaign, cooperative, and multiplayer modes. One of the most popular new features of MW3 is Survival Mode in cooperative gameplay. In survival mode, one or two players fight endless waves of enemies, with each wave becoming increasingly difficult. New enemies appear at tactical positions based on the current location of the player. In the mode, players earn "cash" for items such as weapons, upgrades, ammo, air/ground support and equipment. Rated M for mature due to blood and gore, violence, drug references, and language, this isn’t a game for the kids. Worried that Santa may forget to bring you one of these hot games? That’s okay, you can still get it for yourself. Remember, we purchase your used video games so you have the cash to go out and get the newest releases! Wondering how the process works? Head over to our handy FAQ page to help you get started. Are any of these games on your holiday wish list?

Gadget Trade-in Tips Series: Part 5, Sell Early Nov 08, 2011 | NextWorth

Much like a new car, the day you start using a new device, its value begins to decline. It continues this decline throughout its lifetime. This is one of the reasons that our tip about protecting your device is an important one to observe. Another way to get the most out of your device come trade-in time is today’s tip… Today’s tip: Sell early to maximize valuesell iphone early We’ve seen prices decline dramatically during major new product introductions, such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S launches. To battle this, we offer a price lock, which gives you the ability to lock-in a quote for 21 days before you ship it to us. This type of price lock allows you to get ahead of the curve when it comes time to sell your old device and trade up to the new one. So, if you know that the new phone or gadget you want will be available on the 21 of the month, you can visit, enter the details of your current device, and get a quote. That quote is then good for 21 days, giving you enough time to get your new device before you have to send your old one to us. This, paired with an honest evaluation and well-protected phone, will help you get the most out of your device, and maybe even enough cash for a free upgrade! Did you sell a device early to maximize its value? Was it worth it?

How to End the Battle With Your Battery Nov 03, 2011 | NextWorth

Do you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Many of you may actually have all three. Regardless of what device type you have, they all have the same issue: battery life. Even the best battery will die eventually, and normally it’s at the most inconvenient time possible. To help fight a midday death of your favorite device, try some of these tips to preserve your battery. battery life Dim your screen. A tried and true winner, this tip comes straight from the pros. Dimming your screen will extend your battery life. Most smartphones will also offer an auto-brightness feature where it detects which brightness setting your phone needs in its current setting.  Cut down on programs running in the background. A common issue on every device: having several internet windows, your email and your music open at the same time. What you may not realize is that just closing a window isn’t enough; without quitting a program, it’s still running in the background, and using your battery to do so.  Clean your battery contacts. Some devices don’t allow you battery access (like the iPhone) but for the ones that do, remember to clean your battery contacts every few months. This ensures that everything is connecting properly and that your battery is offering as much power as possible. Keep the device temperature down. This means everything from not overusing your device to literally keeping the temperature down by ensuring that your device isn’t sitting in direct sunlight. The temperature being higher means that the battery will have to work harder to cool down the device. Avoid multitasking. Sure, it’s great to be getting more done, but unfortunately it also means that your battery is working harder to keep up with all of your actions. To help preserve your battery, focus on doing one task at a time. Limit alerts and push notifications. Even laptops these days offer push notifications for some of the more popular applications. These push notifications actually take up a significant portion of your battery life. To keep push notifications but cut down on battery life, try adjusting your settings to only push notifications every 30 minutes instead of every 5 or 10. These are the tips we use to preserve our own batteries, but what’s missing? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you do to extend the battery life on your devices.